Mar 11, 2021 | Engineering as Marketing

I missed writing on the journal two days in a row. This is expected but did not think it would happen this early. I decided that writing in my journal should be the first thing I do before I start my daily work. Otherwise, I won’t remember to write.
I was able to send a newsletter to all the people on the waiting list (179 in total). The open rate is excellent – more than 60%. I attribute this high open rate to the kind of people to who I sent the email. These are the people who are waiting to get access to the product. So, that might be the reason why they opened the email, or it can just be the subject. My subject is super vague. Its Feather ↔️
Here is the complete email.
Feather ↔
I also got replies from around 10 people who wanted to get access to the beta product. Only 10 people replied to me among 110 people who opened – which is very less, but probably most people want to only use the final product, or maybe they haven’t read the complete email. Whatever the reason, I gave access to everyone who asked for it.
Almost everyone had problems with the onboarding, there are no proper validations in each step, and they were able to complete all the steps even if they entered the wrong info. I had to manually edit the database to make it all work for some people.
I need to do this better and explain things in a better way. The onboarding part is the most tricky when it comes to Feather, once they create the blog in a correct way, everything will be a smooth sail. So, I need to invest more time to make this better.
I also have been thinking about the concept of Engineering as Marketing – something I have heard on Twitter.
Basically, it’s the concept of creating some side projects that are in some way related to the main project. The idea is this side project will act as a secondary source of traffic for your main project.
Also, if you won’t be able to afford to give it away for free on your main project, you can use this second project as a free project, something good enough that’s useful to those who use it, but small enough that it won’t cost you that much to run and maintain it.
I can think of a couple of projects that I can do. For example, I can create a free self-hosted Notion blog template. Anyone will be able to deploy it on Vercel with just a click.
Another project can be a simple hosted notion page. People can enter a notion page URL, and they get back a free subdomain assigned to that page.
If I sit and think, I think I can come up with a couple more side project ideas like these. Will have to see.
Today, I would work on writing an outline for the feather guide and also outlines for the coding blog posts that I wanted to write.

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