Mar 7, 2021 | New Journaling Habit

New Journaling Habit

I am starting a new daily journaling habit. I don’t know how long I will be able to keep this habit up, or what I am going to write about. But I know one thing, I want to get into the habit of writing something daily and want to put my thoughts into writing.

Trying to become a power user of Feather

I am building a blogging platform called Feather 🪶. I have written a good amount of coding-related articles in the last year or two. But I have stopped writing them after I started working on this blogging platform.
I am now trying to get back into writing, not necessarily writing coding-related articles. But want to get into writing daily. I think the only way to understand what the users of my platform need, is to be a power user myself.
So, I will document my journey of building Feather 🪶 in this blog.

Coding Week - Marketing Week

I am thinking to adopt @yongfook’s strategy of doing coding-related things for a week and then marketing-related things for another week.
I think this is the only way I will ever start doing marketing. Otherwise, I am constantly getting pulled back to coding new features, fixing things, etc.
If I have a week to myself that is only focused on marketing, then I think I will be able to focus better on marketing too.
I have no idea what “marketing” I will do. I suck at it mostly. The only marketing that I can do is to write content and focus on SEO. So, that’s what I am going to start with mostly.
Also, this is a nice fancy tool 😅 (
I liked it so much I added it to my site haha.

Pricing for Feather 🪶

I’ve been thinking a lot about how to price my new product Feather 🪶
If it were up to me, I would start the base price at around $299/year. But it’s not that simple. I also need to get users, not just put a price and forget it.
Personally, I know(think?) it would be worth that much when the product is complete, but I need to bundle the product in such a way that the price would be a no-brainer for users, but also it shouldn’t feel like the price is so low that people would perceive it being not as good.
I heard somewhere, someone saying, you either have to price it high or low, but not in the middle. I definitely do not want to price low, but I am not confident if I would get any users if I price it high.
At the start of this year, I shifted my goal from “getting some X MRR” to “getting 250 paid users (true fans)”. So, If I were to stick with that goal in mind, then maybe I shouldn’t price it as high. I am honestly confused about it.
The other thing I have been thinking about is not to have any monthly subscriptions at the start, at least until the platform becomes stable enough for everyone. I don’t want to handle the stress of people churning when I am still in beta and in the process of improving the product. So, as long as I am beta, I will only accept yearly subscriptions.

Platform Limits vs User Personas

The monthly operating cost for running Feather would depend on these things for me:
  • Page Views
  • Number of Custom Domains
That’s it. These are the main factors. As the number of page views increases, my cost would increase. Similarly, for each new custom domain, I have to pay $2/month to Cloudflare. I really wish Cloudflare would consider reducing this price, but I don’t think they will.
So my pricing plan should be based on these parameters. Personally, I think people should be able to create an unlimited number of blogs on Feather. It would only cost me when they add a custom domain.
So, if I start at a base price of $29/month, they can create as many blogs as they want. For each blog they create, they will get a free subdomain. But they can add custom domain only to any one of their blogs.
For each additional custom domain, I charge them $4 or $5/month (in which $2 goes to Cloudflare)
This way, as you use Feather to create more and more blogs, the price would get better and better for the users. So, if a user were to create 3 blogs (Like Personal, Business, Hobby), then their total cost would be $29+$5+$5, so it would come out to around $13/month, which is not that bad.
But the other end of the spectrum is not all users would need all the features that are in the platform. Some would just want to get their writing onto a website, nothing else. They don’t need newsletters, collecting leads, analytics, memberships... etc. They don’t need any of these features. So, is it fair to charge them the same amount as the user who needs all of these extra fancy features?
This makes me think that pricing should be based on user personas instead of platform limits. So, a basic plan at $9/month will get you everything you need to get started, but with no bells and whistles. Just a neat, basic, and professional blog, ready to publish your writings.
Also, platform limits are important too. It doesn’t make sense to charge the same for a user who has just around 5k pageviews/month vs another user who gets a million pageviews/month. So, I need to find the right balance between the user personas and the platform limits when I end up deciding how to price the product.
Will have to see what I will end up with.

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