Mar 8, 2021 | Marketing Week

Yesterday, I decided to start doing alternate coding and marketing weeks, and this week is a marketing week... and as expected, I failed miserably at it.
I think the reason for me is pretty clear. With coding new features, fixing bugs, the task at hand is pretty clear. There is a start and there is an end. But with marketing, there is no such thing. At least, I don’t know what it is.
I am a technical founder, trying to learn and do marketing, because I can’t keep coding forever, I need to start getting users. Last I checked, my previous product ( has around 29 paying subscribers and has around $200 MRR, which is ok, but not as high as I want it to be. It also has around 950 users who signed up. I need to take advantage of this user base somehow.
My current product (Feather 🪶) has not yet been launched. It has a waiting list and there are around 150+ people on that waiting list. So, I am in a better position than a lot. But I don’t know how to make use of this.
I had a similar waiting list even when I launched, but I pretty much wasted that opportunity. I have only sent one email to them, that too when I launched it. Many of them have already forgotten what, or who I am. Some people even replied very harshly that I am spamming their inbox, when in fact they subscribed to it themselves. So, I don’t want to repeat the same mistake again.
I am going to send an email to some/all of those people on the waiting list, asking them to reply if they want to be invited to the beta. I will see how many will respond, and how many will unsubscribe.
I can see the potential of Feather for blogging, in fact, even this blog post is being written on Notion, which will then get automatically published by Feather onto my blog. It’s honestly so easy to publish my writings. But I need a way to communicate that.
The problem I face with talking about Feather is, I haven’t used that many blogging platforms to be able to know the pain points that the users face. The only blogging platform that I ever used is Hashnode, and it was already pretty good, except that I use Notion for my content management. So, it’s a pain to export the content to markdown, import it into Hashnode, and then re-upload images, etc. Other than that, I love Hashnode (for coding-related blogs) and its community.
Other than Hashnode, I haven’t used anything else. I explored some other blogging platforms but never used anything other than for writing. So, it’s going to be a little tough to sell what pain points Feather is going to solve better than 100s of blogging platforms that are out there. One thing that I am surely confident is, Feather is one of the best blogging platforms there is if the person uses Notion for managing their content.
Anyways, back to marketing. I need a list that I can tick off, similar to how I do coding-related tasks.
  • Send a newsletter to the waiting list, and see if I can get anyone interested to try out the beta.
  • Post an update on Indie Hackers, it’s been so long since I posted an update on Indie Hackers. I don’t think I have even posted about the rebrand that I am doing. Going to do that.
  • Look up all my DMs, chats, and emails and create a list of people who messaged me showing any type of interest in Feather, and see if any of them want to be beta users.
  • Write the outline for the Feather guide, kinda like documentation of how to do various things on Feather.
    • Things like creating a blog, setting up a blog, adding navigation, code injection,... etc.
  • Start writing blog posts on the problems I faced and the solutions while building Feather.
    • There are some pretty interesting things to discuss like Subdirectory blogs with Cloudflare, KV as a cache, Cloudflare Workers, Remix, etc.
    • I can put subtle mentions of Feather here and there on these coding articles. I would also end up cross-posting these articles on at least on Hashnode. Could get a few people interested.
  • Be more active on Twitter. Been very inactive on Twitter lately. All of the early users I got for are through Twitter, I need to start being more active there again.
I think I have a good amount of boxes to tick off now. Let’s see how long it takes to do all of these things. Hope I don’t fail this time and continue to dedicate this week only to marketing.

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