Hi, I'm Bhanu Teja

I am an Indie Maker and a Software Developer. I write about my journey of bootstrapping my first Indie SaaS (MDX.one).

July 2021: Retrospective & Income Report

Launched MDX.one and got to $162 MRR by the end of the month.

May 2021: Retrospective & Income Report

Things I got done, the amount I spent and earned during May.

How I built a Serverless Micro-Blogging Site Using Next.js and Fauna

I have recently built a website for our local developer community Coderplex completely Serverless. We were able to start from scratch and got it launched within just 3 weeks of time.

My 2020 Blogging Journey

I wrote 27 technical articles since Aug 2021, when I started blogging. Most of them are about frontend web development.

Next.js Starter Template With Authentication + React 17 + TypeScript + Tailwind CSS 2 + ESLint

In this article, I will show you how to use the starter template that I made and deploy it with Vercel. I will also be connecting a Postgres database which I will create on Heroku.

30+ Git Commands That I Frequently Use

In this article, I will list out all the git commands that I use very frequently. This is not in any way a complete list, just the commands that I use very often. This is intended to be used as a quick reference to perform an action that you want.

The Lifecycle of React Hooks Component

In this article, we will see the order in which different useEffect callbacks and cleanups happen. We will also see how it differs when the app mounts, unmounts, updates.

3 Simple Steps To Setup Authentication in Next.js

In this tutorial, we will see how to easily set up authentication for Next.js apps.

Easily Detect Outside Click Using useRef Hook

Let's see how to detect a click outside of an element using useRef.

How to Create a Reusable LocalStorage Hook

Let's try to create a reusable hook that persists the state using local storage.

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