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Last Updated: Oct 18, 2022 05:10

What I’m Working on


This is the main project that I am currently working on. All the other things that I do indirectly correlate to this project in some manner.
Feather is a blogging platform built on top of Notion. It converts Notion docs to a blog.


This is the project that Feather uses behind the scenes. is the API that powers Feather.

Notion Fetcher

This is the new project that I want to start. It’s essentially a way to bring data from other places into Notion.
  • WordPress → Notion
  • Webflow → Notion
  • Google Analytics → Notion
  • Google Search Console → Notion
  • Rest API → Notion
I hope this will make it easy for others to migrate their data to Notion, and in turn, they can easily start a Feather blog.

Notion AI Extension

This is another project that I want to work on. It’s a way to use GPT-3 inside Notion.

Learning About

Browser Extensions

I am currently exploring how to create browser extensions.
This will be useful for me when creating the Notion AI Extension.


I am learning and trying to implement SEO in my Feather project.

Email Automations

Trying to figure out how to set up email automation with Bento. The goal is to add some welcome series to the users who signed up for the Feather trial.

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