Create New CodePens and CodeSandboxes Instantly With ZERO clicks

Short Links for creating new projects on CodePen/CodeSandbox

Create New CodePens and CodeSandboxes Instantly With ZERO clicks

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Related Posts and are the two most popular online tools that are used for rapid prototyping of web applications without ever leaving the browser.
Very recently, CodePen and CodeSandbox released a “feature” to create new pens and sandboxes using short and readable urls.
Check the below table for the URLs and type of applications which you can create with them.
New CodePen
New Javascript CodeSandbox
New Typescript CodeSandbox
New React CodeSandbox
New Vue CodeSandbox
New Angular CodeSandbox
New Other New CodeSandbox
Opening any of the above links will create a new CodePen or a new CodeSandbox in your favourite language or framework instantly.
This is a very unique concept and saves a lot of time. I started using these all the time now, instead of manually going to the website and creating them. You also try it once and tell me if you like it.
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